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Wire & Cable Summary of the relevant provisions of national industrial policy

2023-03-11 12:09

The quality of the special rectification of wire and cable inspection found that some business-to-wire and cable products do not quite understand the national industrial policy. All enterprises should pay attention to the following provisions:
First, the “Production License for wire and cable products (Issuing) Regulations” in the aluminum wire, ACSR, PVC insulated power cables, XLPE power cable PVC insulated, 1kV overhead insulated cable, 10kV , 35kV overhead insulated cables of six units belong to the industrial policy management products, should be strictly implemented the provisions of Order No. 14, and the Office of Industrial Development and Reform Commission [2003] Document No. 799, second paragraph requirement. Has not obtained the business licenses of six products, should be September 1, 1999 registration of industrial and commercial business license, and the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision also has commercial approval authorities above the provincial level projects identified in the joint audit proof should clearly point wire and cable construction projects meet the requirements of enterprise applications can be accepted, otherwise inadmissible. 
Second, according to Office of Industrial Development and Reform Commission [2003] No. 799 paper products should be strictly on the evidence required has been obtained permits wire and cable production companies (the end of 1999 after the evidence), the request for additional product design industrial policy unit, should be consistent the following requirements: 
1, the original aluminum wire or ACSR product license and can only apply for more ACSR or aluminum wire products unit; 
2, the original PVC insulated power cables or cross-linked PVC insulated power cable production license, can only apply for more cross-linked PVC insulated PVC insulated power cable or power cable unit of product; 
Original 1kv overhead insulated cable or 10kV, 35kV overhead insulated cable production license, can only apply for additional 10kV, 35kV overhead insulated overhead cable or insulated cable 1kV unit of product.

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