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Precautions for laying power cables

2023-03-11 11:30

Whether it is personal installation of wire and cable or professional power cable company installation, it must be installed under the premise of ensuring safety first.

(1) The roadway for laying cables should be well supported to facilitate the transportation and laying of cables;

(2) There should be no water splashing at the cable connection, otherwise, corresponding measures should be taken;

(3) When the cable is laid across the roadway, it should be ensured that the cable will neither affect the transportation nor endanger the operation of the cable after crossing the roadway;

(4) In order to avoid the impact of external force during the operation of the cable, and the occurrence of unsafe faults or accidents such as leakage and short circuit, cables should not be laid in the following locations:

Mechanically hoisted air inlet inclined shafts (including transporters going up and down the mountain and vertical shafts with wooden supports), in individual cases, when it is difficult to execute due to limited conditions, reliable protection measures should be taken for the cables, and approved by the Mining Bureau or Approved by the chief engineer of the mine is not subject to this limitation.

(5) When the laid cable needs to be bent, in order to prevent the tearing of the paper insulation, the damage of the lead package, and the excessive stress in the cable, which may cause the cable to be injured, the cable and the cable core wire should not be bent less than the minimum bending radius.

(6) If the cable is directly buried, pay attention to the soil conditions. Generally, the buried depth of the cable under the building is not less than 0.3 meters. If the cable is relatively soft or the surrounding environment is more complicated, such as cultivated land, construction sites or roads, etc., there must be certain The burial depth (0.7 to 1 m) is required to prevent accidental damage to the directly buried cables, and obvious signs should be erected if necessary.

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