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Industrial electronic signal cable

2023-03-11 12:03

Implementation of standards
Q/12BJ4659-2000 (refer to use of DIN VDE0815, but the specification has been expanded, DINVDE0815 only 0.5mm2, our company can provide any of the numbers 0.75mm2 and 1.0mm2 cable).


Applied to electronic equipment, automation control systems, data processing and data signal transmission measurement。

Use characteristics
(1) Working temperature: not more than 70 ℃, Model 105 with the maximum after no more than 105 ℃.
(2) Minimum ambient temperature: fixed installation -40 ℃; non-fixed installation -15 ℃
(3) Rated voltage: 220/380V
(4) Minimum bend radius: not less than 6 times the cable diameter

Performance projectunitTechnical indicators
20 ℃ when the loop conductor DC resistance≤Ω/km0.5mm2Single conductor(1/0.8)73.2
Stranded Conductor(7/0.3)78.4
0.75mm2Single conductor(1/0.97)49.8
Stranded Conductor(7/0.37)53.3
1.0mm2Single conductor(1/1.13)36.8
Stranded Conductor(7/0.43)39.4
Insulation resistance at 20 ℃≥MΩ.km100
Working capacitor(0.8kHz)pF/m-1150
Test voltageV/1min2000
dB/100m0.11(Reference value)
0.29(Reference value)
Crosstalk attenuation
db/1km70(Reference value
ImpedanceΩ320±20(Reference value)

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