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Henan Electric Wire & Cable Association recommended to the enterprisePCCC

2023-03-11 12:05

Recent Henan wire and cable industry associations and some members of the Secretariat received the unit to ask about the power product certification Centre (PCCC) Certification of the relevant circumstances. The Secretariat of the Association multi-understanding, communication, is clearly PCCC product certification by the China Energy> Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. (former Ministry of Electric Power Plants Board) funded formed。
  Currently, PCCC has changed the country, including Baoding Tianwei Electric Co., insurance, TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd., Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, on the cable group, the high level of Henan Electric Co., Siemens (Hangzhou) high pressure Switch Co., Ltd., Shanghai MWB Transformer Co., Ltd., the high voltage transformer Hailei Zi Co., Ltd., 180 enterprises of the product certification. Power has been widely recognized by the owners, in addition to China Power Investment Corporation has formally issued a document, the State Grid Corporation, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hebei, Shaanxi and other power companies, has also been clear in the tender document for the bidders to provide product certification。

  View of the PCCC certification may become tender in the next power play more important role, therefore, the Secretariat invited the PCCC Association Certification Center of the relevant leaders and technical staff to Zhengzhou PCCC product attestation will be held。

  Wire and cable industry in Henan Province Secretariat of the Association held a meeting in July PCCC Publicizing

1, Product Certification development at home and abroad

2, Power (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd. Profile

3, power user adoption of the case certified letter PCCC

4, business process applications for certification Introduction

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