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Generation of spiral cables

2023-03-11 11:50

There is a kind of curve that is very widely used, which is the helix. The word spiral comes from Greek, and its original meaning is “to coil” or “to coil”. More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes studied spirals. The famous mathematician Descartes first described the logarithmic spiral in 1638, and listed the analytical formula of the spiral. This spiral has many characteristics, the most prominent of which is its shape, no matter you enlarge or reduce it, it will not change, just like we cannot enlarge the corner.

Almost all industries necessitate the use of spiral cables. Whether in communications (telephone, radio) or medical technology, the electric locomotive industry, mechanical engineering, or in the lighting industry, spiral cables are used everywhere. In addition to the electro-mechanical advantages, spiral cables are often an excellent optical construction solution. If you use PVC and PUR cables, the color of the spiral cable can in most cases be coordinated with the color of the object. At the same time we can also supply: shielded spiral cable. Spiral spring cable series, spiral cable for instrumentation, spring wire for automobile power supply, spiral cable for transformer power supply, spiral cable for large electromechanical equipment, spiral cable for cleaning machine power supply, 5-core spring wire for automatic billing of electric meters, etc.

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