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Environmental protection cable technology revolution

2023-03-11 11:52

Today’s energy issues are increasingly prominent, energy conservation and emission reduction has become an inevitable topic in work and life, and the green building industry has attracted much attention. The government has comprehensively accelerated the development of green buildings through financial subsidies and other means, indicating that it has officially sounded the clarion call for the development of green buildings. As wires and cables are the main arteries in buildings, the accelerated development of green buildings may trigger a wave of research and development of wires and cables for green and environmentally friendly buildings.

Green buildings refer to buildings that maximize energy, land, water, and materials throughout their life cycle, protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space, and coexist harmoniously with nature.

The construction industry is a major energy consumer among all industries, and super high-rise buildings require 25% to 30% more energy consumption than ordinary high-rise buildings. Through the application of energy-saving new technologies, energy consumption can be effectively reduced, and the negative impact on the environment can be greatly reduced or eliminated. While using energy-saving technologies, green buildings pay more attention to the protection and utilization of environmental ecology and sustainable development. As the main artery in the building, the wire and cable are also very important for their green environmental protection. The lifespan of buildings is generally 70 years, while the lifespan of ordinary wires and cables is only 25 years. Some wires and cables that exceed their service life are prone to aging, posing potential safety hazards and endangering personal safety. Under the condition of ensuring the electrical performance of wires and cables, it has become the research and development direction of cable manufacturers to achieve various effects such as environmental protection, safety, reliability, energy saving and durability.

The energy-saving design of wires and cables in green buildings mainly considers the following two aspects: 1. Select the cross-section of cables and conductors according to the economic density, reduce the annual loss, and save the investment in the whole cycle of service life; 2. Flexible and convenient wiring (office raised floor) , to meet the needs of different tenants, avoiding a lot of repeated wiring. Whether the cable products can be used in the project basically depends on the installation company. Wire and cable manufacturers need to establish close contact with installation companies. Even if the owner has determined the cable brand, the price and service of the product must meet the requirements of the installation company.

With the concept of energy saving, emission reduction, energy saving and efficiency gaining more and more popularity, the development of green buildings has become the general trend. As the main artery in the building, the development of green buildings will push the wires used in buildings into a new stage of green and environmental protection development.

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