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Advantages of superconducting cables

2023-03-11 12:01

1. Large capacity. The current carrying capacity of superconducting cables with the same cross section is 3 to 5 times that of conventional cables.

2. Low loss. Superconducting cables are used to transmit large currents without resistance at the vaporization temperature of liquid nitrogen (about -196°C), and the conductor loss is less than one-tenth of that of conventional cables. In addition to the energy loss of refrigeration, the total operating loss is only that of conventional cables. 50%-60%.

3. No pollution. Superconducting cables will not pollute the environment, while oil-filled conventional cables have the danger of oil leakage polluting the environment.

4. Save materials. One kilogram of superconducting cable can complete the conduction of 77 kilograms of ordinary cables, which greatly saves the amount of traditional copper materials. Compared with conventional cables, superconducting cables with the same transmission capacity use less metal and insulating materials.

5. The use of superconducting cables has low noise and less electromagnetic pollution.

6. Small size, saving the area and space of the power transmission system, and saving a lot of valuable land resources.

7. High safety and reliability, basically eliminate fire hazards.

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