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The difference between yjy cable with yjv cable

2023-03-02 13:15

Cable in decorate or big projects are indispensable material, commonly used due to the cable, so need to have a more in-depth understanding, can make, the different situations, use of cable are different. Generally can be divided into yjy cable and cable yjv cable, although the use of two kinds of cable are very common, but in the use of the effect of the when there is a big difference, is a kind of halogen-free cables, is a kind of containing halogen cable, in use, yjy cable yjv cable and what is the difference? The following detailed introduction for everyone.

YJY said crosslinked polyethylene insulated, PE sheathed power cable. In laying indoors, in tunnel and pipeline, can also be buried in the soil of loose, but unable to bear tension and stress. YJ says described.properties insulation used (cross-linked polyethylene), described.properties by physical or chemical methods will be crosslinked PE (polyethylene), described.properties breakdown and heat-resistant properties, can greatly improve its keep PE the advantages of the original. After a Y said sheathed with PE (polyethylene). The crosslinking polyethylene material price is higher than PVC material price, creates YJY cost is high, the crosslinking polyethylene high working temperature is ninety degrees, vinyl chloride of high working temperature is seventy degrees! YJV, moreover, in the long run than VV number (long service life, etc.), but more expensive than VV. From the technical and economic indexes, the parameters of three core than VV YJV cable are higher, such as carrying capacity: 40 degrees in the air, 10 square YJV for: 60, VV: 46, but some of the design in the selection of cable, 40 a circuit breaker with 10 square YJV cable. See YJV from working temperature is 90 degrees, VV is 70 degrees, from the height of the short circuit allows look: YJV is 250 degrees, VV is 160, 140. Others say is not big difference, bluntly said YJV is noble, VV is a civilian use. YJV effect was slightly better than VV, main performance in terms of insulation, the insulation of the YJV insulation is better than VV, higher resistance to aging degree, for example YJV use for 30 years, VV use of 28 years, is a few difference. Recommended YJV in residential construction, its carrying capacity is larger than the VV, are mainly in the electrical fire, because of its insulating material does not contain chlorine, does not produce poisonous gas when burning. Therefore, European countries have mandatory use YJV in civil architecture.

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