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Common sense of multi-strand copper core flexible cable

2023-03-02 13:17

VV, the full name is called PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as soft sheath. The wire used in the RVV is composed of multiple strands of thin copper wire, that is, the RV wire. The RVV flexible cable can either twist the insulated cores of the same nominal cross-sectional area together, or twist the insulated cores of different nominal cross-sectional areas together. Linear computer laser typing, full meters and feet. The insulation is made of environmentally friendly polyvinyl chloride, which is environmentally friendly and safe. The conductor is made of 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper. The copper wire has a bright appearance, low resistivity, excellent conductivity and high safety. The quality of the copper core in the core wire affects the amount of load the wire bears, the eccentricity is low, and it is produced by advanced equipment, with uniform thickness and high safety. The uneven thickness of the insulation will cause the occurrence of sparks and affect the safety of electricity use.

The product is suitable for household appliances, small power tools, instruments and power lighting; RVV cable is the most commonly used cable for weak current systems. Due to the variety of specifications, the most directly reflected in the number of core wires is indeterminate. There are single or multiple cables. There are also sheaths. However, the arrangement between the core wires has special requirements. In normal use, the maximum temperature of the conductor is 70 ℃, and the indoor decorative lighting circuit is used for flexible wire. However, in the process of its use, it should also be noted that the temperature in the long-term working environment is not allowed to exceed 70 °C.

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