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    Aerial Bundled Cable

    Service drop wire

    Concentric cable

    Bare Aluminum Conductor

    Bare Copper Conductor

    Primary Concentric Neutral 5KV-46KV

    Secondary Underground Cable

    Protect Cable

    600/1000V LV Cable

    Photovoltaic Wire

    Welding Cable

    MV cable

    Electric Wire


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    Henan Huaxing Wires and Cables Co., Ltd is one of the leading cable and wire manufacturers in China.It is located in Yongan industrial zone, gongyi city . Our company was built in Jan. 1984, expanded in 2005, covering a total area of 67,000 square meters; the building area is 28,000 square meters. The total investment is 120 million Yuan. The company has 260 employees, including five senior technical engineers; about one hundred are middle and junior technicians.


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